Rockchip 2023 Hong Kong Electronics Fair - Explore Advanced Intelligent IoT Solutions -


Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) is one of the largest and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions in Asia. At the scene, Rockchip brought numerous AI&IoT SoCs and end Devices which powered by Rockchip’s chips, a 3-day Tech Conference held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong from April 12th to 14th.

Rockchip’s exhibition focused on the four dimensions of intelligent IoT areas covering: Machine Vision, Electric Vehicles, Consumer Electronics, and Industrial Applications.

During the exhibition, Rockchip exhibited a full range of IoT chips, including the new generation of flagship chip RK3588, the newly released General NPU chips RK3562/RK3528, and the market-leading machine vision chips RV1106/RV1103, etc. At the same time, customers from all over the world can try full-scenario applications on site, covering consumer electronics, machine vision, automotive electronics, smart devices and other fields.

In the Machine Vision Area, an edge computing server equipped with RK3588 was displayed, which can improve the computing power in various fields of machine vision; the IPC products equipped with the new generation machine vision solution RV1106/03, with a first frame stable image of less than 200ms, support for HDR, and ultra-low power consumption; It also demonstrated the use of RV1126 as a video-doorbell, supporting dual cameras, 2K HDR, and bidirectional audio features; a game box installed the multimedia application chip RK3528 was released at its first time in the booth. RK3528 is compatible with IPTV/OTT boxes, cloud terminals, electric power and industrial products. It supports 4K and has high performance but low power consumption. The decoding capability up to 8K, it also supports AVS2 and HDR VIVID standards. U3 and PCIE high-speed interfaces also provide more extensibility for the chip.

In the automotive electronics exhibition area, various in-vehicle products equipped with Rockchip solutions are displayed, covering passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and smart cockpit. The RK3588 chip embedded with ADAS algorithm can identify the vehicle distance, road distance and recognize objects during driving, so as to realize obstacle avoidance and a 360-degree surround view. Applications such as the central control screen installed with RK3358M were also displayed.


In the consumer electronics exhibition area, Rockchip's applications in smart office, smart education, and smart home are displayedthe Tablet embedded with the newly released AIoT chip RK3562 was on the spot, RK3562 features 4-core A53+G52, built in 1Tops computing power, and has 4K decoding capabilities, which can meet various smart devices; other smart devices such as: ARM PCs, notebooks, conference speakers, dictionary pens, E-learning machine, smart desk lamps, robots, Sweepers, etc. And other emerging consumer electronics also exhibited in the booth: mobile TVs, AR/VR, live-stream machine…


In the industry application exhibition area, Rockchip showed the edge computing equipment powered by RK3588, integrated 80 RK3588 chips, supported virtual 8 real phone numbers, and supported applications in cloud games, cloud mobile phones, cloud XR and other scenarios; it also showcased multi-screen live streaming devices that support simultaneous broadcasting on multiple platforms and various professional live streaming scenarios; in this area, Rockchip displayed a series of products covering industry, electric power, education, medical care, finance and retail devices. There are large quantities of categories in this exhibition area, including power concentrators, industrial tablet, medical tablet, bank desktop, edge computing server, etc.

We hope that Rockchip exhibition at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair could provide more practical Intelligent IoT solutions for global customers.


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